Education and increasing our knowledge of Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve has been at the heart of what we do. To this end, sharing what we learn is very important and over the years we have been able to commission a number of studies at the reserve and we hope you find them of interest. We are always looking for studies of all aspects of the reserve. Please get in touch if you have any ideas for future studies.

These publications are free to download and share for personal use. We would ask everyone that downloads any of the publications for research publication purposes to acknowledge Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve as the source. Any modification of the publications for use in print or electronic form elsewhere must not be done without the permission of the Reserve.

Wildlife Identification Guides

An Introduction to Exploring the Seashore of Cuskinny Bay, Cobh & Great Island (2024)

A Guide to the Butterflies of Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve (2020)

A Guide to the Damselflies and Dragonflies of Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve (2020)

A Guide to the Wetland & Sea birds of Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve (2017)


Checklists, Reports and Surveys

A Checklist of the Moths of BWI Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve (2020)

BWI Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve Botanical report 2018 (2018)

A Checklist of the Birds of Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve (2017)

Hydrological and Chemical survey of Cuskinny Lake, Great Island, Cork Harbour, Co. Cork. April – June 2012.(2012)

Cuskinny Pedestrian Priority Area Presentation to Cork County Council (2011)

A Survey of Insects at Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve using a Malaise Trap (2010)

Inter-tidal Survey of Cuskinny Bay, Co. Cork. May 2010, Prepared by: Claire Moore (2010)

A Survey of the Moths of Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve, Cobh, Co. Cork: May to September 2010

 A Survey of the Lepidoptera (Moths) of Cuskinny, Great Island, Co Cork, 1993 – March 1994 (1994)


NOTE: If you are using reports downloaded from this site for research/publication please acknowledge this website as a reference.


Videos/Media Attention

Construction of Artificial Sand Martin Nesting Bank Time-lapse video (March 2023)

Little Egrets at Cuskinny – Nationwide March 2023 (National Television)

Cuskinny Marsh Dawn Chorus Recording May 2019 (2 minutes)

RTE National Dawn Chorus Broadcast from the reserve, Mooney Goes Wild May 3rd 2020 (1hour)