The climate at Cuskinny is considered temperate, rarely very hot or very cold. While long-term detailed measurements of wind, rainfall etc. has never been carried out at the reserve BWI Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve is just 7.47 kilometres due north of Roches Point lighthouse, which is one of our national weather monitoring stations. The table below will give you an idea of what the weather is generally like at Cuskinny. Unfortunately data was not available beyond 2000. We know that the weather and our climate is definitely changing as we witness hotter days, wetter days and stronger winds and as soon as more recent weather date is available we will update the table below. The data was gathered by Met Éireann, out national weather service, and if you are interested in weather and climate in Ireland check out their excellent free publication A Summary of Climate Averages for Ireland 1981-2010 by Séamus Walsh:

Roches Point 1971–2000 averages
TEMPERATURE (degrees Celsius)
July Year
mean daily max 8.8 18.6 13.2
mean daily min 4.2 12.4 7.9
mean temperature 6.5 15.5 10.5
mean num. of days with ground frost
8.1 0 33.3
SUNSHINE (hours)
mean daily duration 1.8 5.8 4
greatest daily duration 8.3 15.4 15.8
mean num. of days with no sun 7.6 1.1 49.2
mean monthly total 79.5 42.4 727.9
greatest daily total 34.5 46.9 60.8
WIND (knots)
mean monthly speed 14.6 10.1 12.3
max. gust 86 57 89
WEATHER (mean no. of days with..)
snow or sleet 1.7 0 5
hail 0.8 0.1 5.9
thunder 0.2 0.5 2.9
fog 1.5 3.4 29.2